6 Beautiful Tourism Spots in Nusa Penida Island

6 Beautiful Tourism Spots in Nusa Penida Island

Bali is one of the most visited islands in Indonesia. It has been famous all over the world. There are some tourism destinations found on the island located on the east side of Java Island. In this island, you will find the most popular destination, called Nusa Penida Island. It sounds familiar to this location. Nusa Penida is a tourism area in Bali that is often visited by the local and international tourists. Even, there are many international tourists who want to get back to Nusa Penida.

The Magical Enchantment of Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida is an island name exactly located in the southeast in Bali Island. Nusa Penida Islands offers an amazing enchantment like a calm beach and white sand beach. It has a beautiful hill and coral cliff on the edge of the sea. From many tourism objects, there is a must visited object. It is a Seribu Island located in Banjar Pelilit. The location is the side of Atuh Beach. It is a hill located on the sea having amazing natural scenery. It looks a level of stones and cliffs like a wall protecting the hill. You can select the other awesome tourism objects to visit.

Tips for Visiting Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida Island is one of the amazing tourist destinations to visit when you have a holiday in Bali. The location is different making you reach it on the boat. If you want to visit it, you have to select the boat choices to choose. There are two options using a fast boat or private vehicle. For a fast boat, you will cross from Sanur Beach Port. There are approximately 19 boat operators providing a boat service. For the private vehicle, you need to cross in a port in Klungkung.

It is recommended to select a fast boat because a private vehicle is not sure. If you select a fast boat, you have to order a ticket especially using a boat in many numbers. It is better to book 1 to 2 days before the time. You should find the information first. It is used to avoid the sold-out ticket. It is better to gain much information before going to Nusa Penida Island.

6 Beautiful Spots to Visit in Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida Island serves many beach and sea tourism objects. There are some recommended spots to visit there that must be included in your holiday list.

•    Broken Beach

Path Uug Beach is more familiar called to be Broken Beach being one of the most favorite destinations in Nusa Penida. The location is at Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida. If it is seen from the air, this place consists of round cliff sticking to the sea. The favorite photo spot is the background of a broken cliff looking like a harmonious tunnel with the deep blue ocean.

Broken Beach
•    Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan is one of the small islands from three islands in Nusa Penida Island. Ceningan is a part of Lembongan Village. The sea area of Nusa Ceningan is very clear so that you can see the seabed from the top. The adrenaline challengers must try to jump from the cliff directly to the sea. It will become a distinct enchantment, especially for international tourists.

•    Angel's Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is a creek ended in the sea. There is a crush of the cliff forming a long pond in the tip of the creek. To go there, you need to step down the rocky cliff that is very sharp. However, if you reach it, you will not feel tired anymore because you can enjoy the fresh water with the Tosca color looking shining. It is good to select the right time to go down and swim it because the waves are fairly dangerous.

Angel's Billabong
•    Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach has been famous for foreign tourists after beauty is getting viral on Instagram. It is often called to be T-Rex Beach because the form of the cliff sticking to the sea looking like dinosaurs. To get this beach, you need to cross a series of extreme terrain. It needs to have a prime physical endurance and stamina if you want to step down it. In addition, it has white sand and clear water looking like a crystal view. Kelingking Beach is famous for its underwater beauty so that it is suitable for snorkeling or diving. Those cannot become a missed activity to do in Nusa Penida Island.

Kelingking Beach
•    Toyapakeh

Toyapakeh is only 20 minutes from Padangbai and can be reached with a speed boat. The location is Toyapakeh, Nusa Penda. This place becomes the best diving spot in Nusa Penida. It starts from the depth of 6 meters in which you can see a group of hard coral reefs and soft coral reefs with a group of beautiful fishes welcoming you readily. A number of fishes can be found in this area such as jackfish, bannerfish, moray, scorpionfish, porcupine, and the others.

•    Giri Putri Cave

Giri Putri Cave is located in Suana Village. It has a temple used by surrounding people to pray. This cave lies 262 meters being home of a group of bats. Those perch on the stalactite and stalagmites of the cave. The water flow in this cave is trusted to be holy water. There are four spots to pray. One of the praying spots is located in the front of this cave and the others are located inside of the cave.

Those tourism destinations have different views and characteristics. You can select the right one for your holiday itinerary. Those destinations offer a natural view and a magical enchantment so that it makes the tourists feel enjoyable during staying in this island.

You can visit the most popular tourist destination because it will make you curious always to reveal its beauty. Then, you can continue your trip to the nearest first spot to visit. You can get a guide to help you during a holiday in Nusa Penida Island. The guide will inform you of the other hidden tourism objects to visit.




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