A New Advertising Technique That These 4 Brands Use Beautifully.

 A New Advertising Technique That These 4 Brands Use Beautifully.

The new technique that not many are using.

It cuts that fat and allows the audience to see what they're buying in the most simple format possible. 

And guess what? It's working.

I present to you: Simplicity

1. Him & Hers

For couples that want to keep all of their soaps together in the shower without a bright array of color.

Him & Hers gets the job done. Their pages and products are visually pleasing with simplicity.

This brand sells the idea of simple & modern. 

2. Gold Drop Bottle

This page is amazing. Soothing colors mixed with healthy items that you might be putting in your bottle.

They're selling the idea of healthy flavored water. 

The audience is drawn to the idea and the way it's showcased.

Who wouldn't want to read more? 

3. Ritual

Ritual is a vitamin brand for men and women of all ages. 

They tell you all of the ingredients and present the product with a very natural feel.

They show you that you're not putting harmful things into your body like some other vitamins brands might be doing. 

4. Tesla

Tesla uses no advertising, so their site reflects the same story.

They want to sell you the most environmentally friendly options on the market at a price you can afford.

They don't spend any space on their pages trying to sell, they just want to show you the future. 

Simplicity really sells these days. 

Companies are starting to realize that their audience is jam packed full of information and media every day.

By simplifying their brands and products, they're presenting something new and intriguing to everyone.

Be simple.