Best Niches To Make Money Online


Best Niches To Make Money Online

Whatever you wanna do online, selecting a niche will always be the very first step.

Think of your niche as your future audience.

Who are the people you will want to talk to, market to, and sell to?

Let's find out!

1. Why You Need A Niche:

If you don't have a niche, your audience will be very confused about what it is that you're actually doing.

Confusion is the death to sales.

Leave your audience confused, and nobody will buy from you.

Solution: Pick a niche and go all-in.

2. Best Niches:

After having blogged in numerous different niches, I can confidently say: The idea of a "best niche" is an illusion.

But most of the time, when people talk about the most profitable niches, they refer to evergreen niches.

Let's start with that...

3. Evergreen Niches:

The 3 evergreen niches are:

+ Health

+ Wealth

+ Relationships

No matter what happens in the world, as long as humans exist we will need products & services in these three areas.

In other words: You'll never run out of business.

4a. Lucrative Exceptions:

One of my favorite exception to the evergreen niches is the Entertainment Niche.

Take Gaming for example.

The gaming niche is huge, with kids earning thousands every month without even selling anything, simply through advertising fees.

4b. Lucrative Exceptions:

The Gaming niche is a great example of why evergreen niches are overrated.

If all you do is take an evergreen niche, you're focusing on the wrong thing.

So let's find the right niche for YOU!

5. Truth Or Quick Fix?

Do you want the truth, or just a quick fix?

Selecting your niche is a big decision. It will lock you in.

And when the going gets tough, the first thing people blame is their niche.

I'm not giving you a quick fix.

So let's have an honest discussion.

6. Truth About Niches:

+ The niche must be as specific as possible

+ You must pick a niche that you don't mind researching daily

+ It must have products to review

7a. Specificity:

This is the biggest mistake I've done and I see others do all the time: Picking broad niches 🤦‍♂️

Health is too broad.

Fitness is too broad.

Weight training is too broad.

Exercises only using dumbbells - NOW you got it!

Go down as many sub-niches as you can

7b. Specificity:

Let's do another example:

❌ Health

❌ Food

❌ Cooking

❌ Recipes

❌ Western Cuisine

✅ Homemade Soups

Don't start another cooking account... Be MUCH MORE specific!

For example like talking only about delicious homemade soups.

Got it? Moving on...

8a. Personal Interest:

I'm not a big advocate of "passion projects".

But what you absolutely must be able to do is research your niche daily.

That means:

+ Reading blog posts / articles

+ Watching videos

+ Following social media accounts

8b. Personal Interest:

You will have to come up with A LOT of content for your niche.

That's how you become recognized as an authority in your sub-sub-sub-niche.

People buy from authorities & experts... not from discouraged hobbyists.

So develop a personal interest.

9. Product Reviews:

The fastest way to making sales: Product reviews.

This mostly applies to affiliate marketing.

Usually, people looking for niches don't have a product, so affiliate marketing makes sense.

When you pick your niche, make sure it has products to review.

10. What's Your Best Niche?

+ Pick something very, very specific.

+ Have a personal interest: Daily research is a MUST!

+ Create A LOT of free content for your sub-niche to reach expert status.

+ Create product reviews regularly to make affiliate sales.

Thank you for reading!