How To Build Your First Funnel

How To Build Your First Funnel

Funnel building is essential in online marketing.

In this article, I'm going to show you:

+ Simple funnel strategy

+ That is optimized

+ For your very first digital product

You're gonna love this!


The funnel you're learning here uses email and an autoresponder.

Lucky for you, you can do all of that on Gumroad (amazing platform).

Here's a high-level view of the funnel:

1. Lead magnet

2. Tripwire (very cheap product)

3. Upsell (final product)

Let's go!

1a. Lead Magnet:

Your lead magnet is going to be something that you give away for free.

Here are a few ideas:

+ Video

+  Ebook

+ Course

+ Checklist

+ Case study

+ Special report

But in order for someone to get this for free, they have to give you their email address first.

2a. Squeeze Page:

To make your lead magnet a success, you must set up a dedicated page for it so that people can sign up.

This is also called a squeeze page.

You have two free ways to create your lead magnet's squeeze page:

+ Gumroad

+ Carrd

A quick word about Carrd...

2b. Squeeze Page:

If you decide to set up your squeeze page with Carrd, then I highly suggest you use a template by 


He's the go-to person for setting up great Carrd pages

You will also need to use the Gumroad widget so that people are added to your email list

3. Email List:

Once your squeeze page is set up, people signing up will be added to your email list on Gumroad.

Here's what happens step-by-step:

1) Land on squeeze page

2) Sign up

3) See Thank-You page

4) Receive lead magnet via email

It's really quite simple...

4. Thank-You Page:

What you write on the Thank-You Page is very important:

+ Immediately confirm that they are receiving the lead magnet for free

+ Right after that, offer your tripwire product at a DISCOUNT

We have a little overlap here, but this is important...

5a. Tripwire:

Your tripwire will be a product that you sell for very cheap at a highly discounted price.

For example, it could be an ebook that you usually sell for $17 but now they can get it for $7.

Or a guide that's usually $9, but now they can get it for $3.


5b. Tripwire:

Your tripwire identifies the buyers on your list.

These are the ones who have shown a legitimate interest in you and your products, and are willing to pay for it.

👉 They are your most valuable email subscribers.

Another thing...

5c. Tripwire:

Someone who has bought once from you, is more likely to buy again from you.

So after they bought the tripwire, you've increased the chances of them buying your final upsell.

💡 Provided that your products are good and valuable, of course!

Back to email...

6a. Email Series:

Let's break it down:

1) Lead magnet

2) Thank-You Page

3) Email Series

4) Tripwire

5) Email Series

6) Upsell

As discussed, you want to show your tripwire on the thank-you page already.

But you will offer it again to your list after the first email series.

6b. Email Series:

After someone received the lead magnet for free, you will want to send them an email every day.

What should you talk about?

👉 Give them more tips and advice on how to get more out of the freebie you've sent them.

This is really important!!

6c. Email Series:

❗️ You have to make sure that your new email subscribers see the value in what you're offering

Send them 4 emails, one every day:

+ The first two contain helpful advice

+ In the last two, you will pitch the tripwire product again, with the same discount!

7. Tripwire Page:

Your tripwire's page is a sales page, very similar to your lead magnet's squeeze page.

The difference is that the tripwire isn't free but costs a small price, usually between $3 and $9.

People who buy it come on a NEW email list, your "buyers list".

8a. Buyers List:

You are now building a list of buyers - that's amazing!

Even though the product was cheap and heavily discounted, you know that these people trust you enough to pay you.

Nurturing this list is the best thing you can do in your business 💰

8b. Buyer's List:

As soon as someone has bought the tripwire, the process repeats:

1) Tripwire

2) Thank-You Page

3) Email Series

4) Upsell

IMPORTANT: On the tripwire's Thank-You Page, you already wanna offer the final product, too.

8c. Buyer's List:

You should always have another offer on your Thank-You Pages.

So after someone purchased the tripwire, they will see the Thank-You page.

On it, you explain how they will receive the product.

Right below that, upsell the final & more expensive product.

8d. Buyer's List:

Even after they bought the tripwire, you will continue to send emails every day.

This time, I suggest sending 5 emails:

+ The first three are packed with valuable & helpful content, prove your expertise even more.

+ In the last two, you upsell.

9a. Upsell:

Upselling means offering a product that's more expensive than the previous one.

The tripwire was between $3 and $9.

Now your upsell can be $50, $100, or even more.

When you upsell to your buyer's list, make sure you give them a DISCOUNT, too!

9b. Upsell:

So in your final two emails, you will pitch the more expensive product and also give them a discount code for it.

If the product costs $50, they can get it for $37.

If it costs $100, they can get it fir $67.

You get the idea.

9c. Upsell:

Your final product also needs its own sales page on Gumroad of course.

Exactly as you did it for your tripwire product.

Side Note: Get help from a copywriter to improve your sales pages.

And that's it!


You now have a basic but optimized funnel to launch your very first digital product 💪

This is the kind of stuff I can build for clients...

But I just gave you a whole strategy for free, you just have to build it 👍

Thank you for reading!