How To Make Money With Content Marketing


How To Make Money With Content Marketing

Content marketing is by far the most common strategy to build an audience on Twitter.

But how do you earn money from it?

👉 The BONUS tip at the end of this article will make a huge difference!

Let's find out...

What Is Content Marketing?

In short: Content marketing is creating free content.

It means that you are creating massive value upfront to prove your expertise and position yourself as an expert.

Once you reach expert status, it's much easier to sell to your audience.

Successful Content Marketing Strategy:

In this thread you will learn:

1. Focus on one type of content

2. Pick one platform for your content

3. Create TONS of free content

4. Monetize Your Content

Let's look at each step more closely...

1. Pick One Type Of Content:

Starting from scratch, focus is your ultimate success hack.

Pick only ONE of these and stick with it:

+ Written content

+ Images

+ Video

+ Audio

Side Note: Pick a very specific sub-niche to grow your audience even faster!

2. Pick One Platform:

Once you know which type of content you will create, you need to find a suitable platform

✍️ Written content -> Blog / Twitter

🎥 Video -> YouTube / TikTok

🎨 Images -> Instagram / Pinterest

The crucial part is: Pick ONE platform and stick with it

Side Note: Expert Status

👉 Your success depends on how fast you can reach expert status & be a respected source of information.

Focusing on one content type & one platform will help you massively.

I know it's hard to be so narrow but it's simply the best way to start.

3a. Publish Content Daily:

New content every day? Whaaat? 🤯

Welcome to content marketing: It's a very simple business model, but it's not easy.

Starting out, you probably won't be able to publish new content every single day.

Here's my recommendation...

3b. Publish Content Daily:

For social media, you have no other choice: You must create new content daily.

For blogging, podcast, and YouTube, you can start out with 2x per week.

Ultimately, the goal is always to create new content every day.

👉 More Content = More Traffic

4a. Monetize Your Content:

If you're doing it right, then you're content will start to attract a lot of traffic.

💰 There are many ways to turn traffic into money.

Let's look at the three most popular ones...

4b. Monetize Your Content:

+ Ads

+ Affiliate Links

+ Selling your own product

Pick your monetization model depending on your niche, audience, content type, and platform.

4c. Monetize Your Content:

❗️ A mistake beginners make is trying to monetize ALL their content. The problem is that it can look very spammy.

Here's my suggestion: Monetize only your best-performing content.

For example, add affiliate links to your 10 most-read articles.

5. Bonus Tip:

Content marketing should be mostly used as a traffic strategy.

Yes earning money from it is entirely possible as we've just seen, but that's really not its main strength.

Its strength is how much TRAFFIC your content can generate 

If ads don't pay you enough, the best thing you can do is to forward your traffic into a funnel, such as an email list.

That's really where content marketing shines: As a traffic strategy to build your email list / your funnel.

❗️ I have a article on funnels ((click here))

6a. Conclusion:

1️⃣ Content marketing takes a while to build up. Once you've reached expert status you can earn a lot of money from it

💡 The more specialized you are, the easier it is to reach expert status

Remember to focus on ONE content type, ONE platform, ONE sub-niche

6b. Conclusion:

2️⃣ Then create TONS of free content, preferably every single day.

3️⃣ Finally, decide on your monetization model as we've discussed earlier to cash-in on your hard earned traffic.

Before we wrap this up...

Thank you for reading!