How to Sell Anything Online


How to Sell Anything Online


1) Set Goals in Writing 

- Before you sell anything there needs to be a plan. 

- Create the plan and make your goal BIG!

- You are not just an designer, writer, marketer, programmer. If you are in this sales industry you are supposed to close deals. This is the end goal.

2) Establish Trust 

- Can you sell things without trust? Sure. will you do it consistently, NO! 

- Pay attention to everything. Use all the information.

- Take your time building the sale. Your client is not in a rush and if they are, slow them down. Lead them. Be yourself.

3) Build Value

- Be an expert in your field. Show them why your product is the best. Don't tell them, SHOW THEM!

- Be a trend setter. DO NOT be like every other salesman.

- People want a good deal, so help them find one. But do it on your terms.

4) Identify a Need 

- If there is no need then you have little chance to sell anything. 


- Ask them... mean them... listen to their answers. Listen to what they aren't saying. Pay attention to EVERYTHING!

5) Inform/Educate 

- This is the part of sales I think most overlook. Lets face it, most customers do not know our product as well as we do. It is our job to teach them.

- If you are in sales, you are an educator, you are a teacher.

- What makes your product stand out? Why?

6) Provide Solutions 

- Find options that will lead to fixing their problem.

- Have multiple things to sell, always provide all of your options. 

- Being able to fix peoples problems is priceless. Learn how to promote your solutions in a way the client can understand.

7) Inspire

- This is the stage the literally can make you a millionaire. People buy from people who inspire them. 

- Show you want to help them, be genuine.

- Now is when you use all of the information have to create excitement and motivate your customer into buying.

8) Create Urgency 

- Why should they buy now? Well most times the customer cant answer this, so its your job to tell them why. 

- Strategically position yourself to do the job when YOU want to.

- Urgency closes deals more than anything else. Be a MASTER URGENCY CREATOR.

9) Overcome Objections 

- Expect objections. Be prepared. Do not fear objections, use them as a tool.

- An objection is not a "No", it is merely a defense mechanism.

- Learn softening/reverses. "I hear that a lot, but wouldn't you say its time to stop putting this off?"


- Sounds simple right? It's not.

- The customer is talking to you for a reason, it is not because they love talking to strangers. 

- You have spent this process selling yourself. That was the plan all along. That was your goal. Now ask for it.

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