Introduction To Copywriting


Introduction To Copywriting

How many sales page have you written that didn't sell anything

And how many more weeks have to pass until you finally start making money

What you need is copywriting: The art of selling through the written word.

1) It doesn't matter how clever, funny, or great your writing is

If your writing can't sell, then it's bad copy.

The reality is, it takes years of practice to write great copy.

But I'll explain some simple strategies here that you can apply right away

2) Copywriting begins before you ever write your first word: It starts with research!

Knowing your audience is key 🔑

You need to learn:

- Pain points

- Objections

- Desires

Through research you can build an avatar: Your perfect customer.

3) When you finally start writing, you don't just write to *anyone* and you also don't write to *everyone*

You write for one particular person only: Your avatar.

Write directly for him or her. Speak to that person and nobody else.

4) The more time you invest into researching your audience and building your avatar

The easier it will be to find the right words when it comes to writing your copy.

5) Next up is writing a headline.

Writing great headlines is a massive undertaking 😮

Just like doing research, most beginner marketers spend much too little time on their headlines.

Why are the headlines so important?

Simple: If the headline is bad, nobody reads the rest

6) And if nobody reads the rest of your text, you have zero chance of making a sale.

By doing intensive research and investing your efforts into crafting the best headline you possibly can

You'll already be ahead of the average competition 💪

What makes a headline great?

7) Master copywriters have studied all their lives to write great headlines.

And entire books have been written on this topic.

So while it's impossible to give you one magic trick that instantly results in great headlines

I can point you in the right direction...

8) What's the goal of your headline?

Your headline has just one goal: Selling the rest of the article / tweet / ad.

The headline does not sell the product.

All your headline has to do is convince your reader to continue reading.

That's it.

How could you achieve that?

9) Write headlines that

- Are specific

- Sound intriguing

- Offer a reward for reading

- Make an irresistible proposition

You won't come up with a good headline on your first try

Get used to re-writing your headlines A LOT 🤓

But it pays off big time 💰

10) Always remember that if you fail to grab the reader's attention within the first five seconds

They will be gone forever.

So give your headline your utmost attention 👍

Write several variations, go over the four points listed above, and improve with each iteration.

11) What comes after the headline heavily depends on your research.

Remember your avatar:

- Pain points?


- Desires?

You want to address all these things in your main body text.

To help you out, I have a few guidelines for you on HOW to write...

12) Some generally recognized copywriting principles are:

- Use simple language

- Avoid excessive use of adverbs & adjectives

- Avoid words like "maybe", "possibly" etc.

- Talk benefits (not features)

- Split up your paragraphs nicely

Next, you need a structure...

13) Content-wise, this is a structure that you can start with:

- Headline

- Describe problem

- Agitate the problem

- Present product as solution

- Call-to-action

- Testimonials

- Call-to-action

You can use this on your sales pages, in your emails, or even in your threads 💰

14) Let's recap what we've learned:

- Research your target audience

- Define your avatar

- Spend a lot of time writing the best possible headline

- Follow the main copywriting principles

- Use the content structure shown

- Write more copy to get better at it

15) I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to copywriting.

What you have just learned in this thread, you can apply these lessons to your sales page, emails, and articles.

You can start right away 💪

Thank you for reading!