Just signed my biggest client to date over a sales call!

Just signed my biggest client to date over a sales call!

I want to go over exactly how I prepared for it and then how it went.

1. Know who you’re talking to!

Simple enough right? It took me awhile to find a picture of this guy, but it makes all the difference.

Instead of talking to some random person, I now had a face to match the name. 

While you’re on the phone you’ll be more comfortable speaking.

2. Do some research!

My proposition was based around:

- creating a landing page for a google ads funnel

- tweaking the current funnels they had

- adding copy to their website

So I needed to figure out a couple of things prior to the call.

- What they were currently doing that I liked (compliments go a long way)

- Questions I had on their funnels, process, and conversions.

- Things I can do to improve conversions 

One of the best ways to figure out their process is to actually go through one of their ads.

I found the exact Facebook ads they used through Facebook Ads Library

I signed up for the 45 minute webinar, saw how they pitched their service, and finished the video to see where it led me (which was another signup for a consultation call).

I decided not to waste their time and signup for a call (I could always ask about what they did on that call).

Now I knew the process they currently use to get clients, and it wasn’t too bad, but it could be improved.

3. Prepare for the call.

Essentially you want to outline what you would like to say.

While not every call will go exactly like this, I look at this note before my calls. 

I’m not sure exactly who I got this process from, but it’s good. 

Right before every call I like to listen to some music that will amp me up.

Sometimes I do some pushups too.

It gets the blood flowing, my confidence up, puts me in a good mood, and it works.

Find what you need to hit these levels before every call.

4. The call!

It started off with him asking what I did. So I explained what I aim to do through creating landing pages.

I then said I had a few questions about the company.

Went through my questions, got some answers, and he even gave me information I wasn’t thinking about.

It was pretty much just back and forth questions for about 15 minutes.

He then said he wanted ‘X’ done within the next two weeks to prepare for the new website.

I said that I could make ‘X’ the best component of the site and that I could follow up that work with a landing page.

He said that sounded great and that I should text him my email so that he could send over some things, I would give an estimate, do the work, and if he liked it we would have a deal.

So technically I haven’t solidified an agreement yet, but it doesn’t matter do you know why?

I know what I’m capable of. 

I know that he’ll like my work.

Why am I confident?

Because it brings in SALES.

Being confident in your abilities is vital to a sales call, putting out quality work, and getting more clients.

Be confident. Good luck :)