Revealing 7 sites that I use for making my landing pages and copy 10x better.

 Revealing 7 sites that I use for making my landing pages and copy 10x better.

You’ll want to bookmark all of these.

1. Hunter.io

You’ll likely start out pitching over cold email.

This is a great way to find emails of company members.

Just type and website and it’ll spit out some emails for you to try.

2. Remove.bg

When creating pages you’ll have to work with some google images and pictures your client already has.

Sometimes, pictures look better with just the main image on a white background.

Removing the background noise by yourself is hard, not anymore!

3. Powerthesaurus.com

More often than not you’ll be using the same words over and over again throughout your page. 

Having a good thesaurus at your fingertips is a game changer.

4. Optinmonster.com

The title speaks for itself.

I call it, “The Swipe File of Words”

You need powerful language throughout your pages. This site will provide you with just that.

5. Answerthepublic.com

When writing about a topic you need to see all of the angles that could stem from it. 

This site provides related questions, topics, and words to the keyword you type in.

6. css3generator.com

A lot of website builders allow you to input code that can add special effects to elements of your page.

If you’re like me and have a basic knowledge of coding, you can’t do it yourself.

This site allows you to mess around with these effects.

7. swiped.co + swipefile.com

Both are great to have by your side when writing copy. 

They spark ideas and give you angles that you never knew existed.

Highly recommend keeping these all in your favorites.

Any others? Leave them below.