THREE services you can offer right now to make local businesses more revenue and you a little richer.

 THREE services you can offer right now to make local businesses more revenue and you a little richer.

1. Content Creation

>> Yelp a local niche

>> Visit their instagram/FB

Chances are that they're not posting consistently and their social media looks terrible.

>> Curate/create content (canva)

>> Post 2-3x daily

>> Point to offers, new items, etc.

>> Fee: $500-800/mo.

Here's how to seal the deal:

>> take a look at their IG

>> recreate a few of their posts

>> save before and after screenshots

>> email and DM them

>> do NOT go straight for the sale

>> converse and see what they think

>> follow up with new changes

>> then offer

2. Email Marketing

Most local businesses struggle to see the POWER of it.

>> Push referral systems

>> Retain current customers

>> Inform on the latest deals/promos

Offer and setup

>> Multiple email sequences

>> A basic landing page to capture leads

>> Fee: $1000-3000

Local businesses need to be convinced of the direct impact email sequences will have on their business.

>> case studies

>> show example sequences

>> walk them through each sequence as a potential customer, new lead, etc.

>> demo a landing page w/ them

3. FB/IG Ads

Most local business owners don't have a predictable system to get customers.

Help them run FB/IG ads to generate leads on demand

>> Set up ads

>> Manage budget

>> Create/test new creatives

>> Get leads

>> Deliver instantly

>> Fee: $1500-3000/mo.

Make sure you understand the lifetime value of your client's customers.

This will help you price you service.

Lifetime value per customer is $25,000?

Charge more.

Lifetime value per customer is $250?

Charge less.

These three are in HIGH DEMAND right now.

They'll probably be in high demand forever.

Which means that the best time to start learning one of these is NOW.

$20,000/mo. is 100% doable with any of these skills.

BUT learning the skill itself is NOT enough to be successful 

You have to also know exactly how to

>> choose your niche

>> market research

>> craft an irresistible offer

>> outreach to clients

>> close them on the phone

Learn this entire process from scratch and get your first client now!