10 lessons life taught me


10 lessons life taught me

1. People are temporary

Truth is, even the strongest bond will come to an end.

People come into our life masked as blessings or lessons.

Keep everyone close who is good for your soul and constantly force you to level up. 

Raise your self-awareness to know your blessings.

2.) Love hurts - a lot 

You can't outplay love.

It will hurt you a lot. But to conquer life, you will need to get to know this pain.

Never expect anyone to return the love you give

Not everyone has the same kind heart as you.

Ask yourself: Is this pain I experience worth it?

3.) Good things NEVER come easy

If you wait for your time to come, without putting in work, your time will never come.

I learned this the hard way too

No one owes you shit. 

You have big dreams? Put in big work.

That's how it works.

4.) No one will clap even when you deserve it 

Get used to it. Clap for your own damn self

It hard, I know but this is how reality works.

As long as you 

- Put in the work
- See results
- Show up every single day 
- Clap for others 

Your time will come. 

Clap for yourself.

5.) In life, you will fail more than you will win 

Take every failure as a lesson. Ask yourself

"What is it trying to teach me?"

Learn your lesson, and BOOM

You come out as a winner even when you lose.

Life is a process and we can't avoid mistakes. 

We learn & rise

6.) Never judge 

This will rob your energy. 

Every human being is unique. Let them be unique. 

Avoid "omg look at her she has green hair"

No one needs this shit. You don't know anything about these people so focus on building your empire instead.

Never judge others

7.) Stop quitting 

If you're tired of starting all over again, just stop quitting. 

Don't switch goals when shit gets hard. Stick with it

I was one step away from quitting so many things but I kept going and shortly after, life blessed me.

It's always like this! I promise

8.) You can't please everyone 

You need to understand that people will talk shit no matter what. 

The moment you start realizing this is the moment you should focus on what makes YOU happy. 

Forget about your parents, partners & others. 

If it's real, they won't leave you.

9.) Prioritize your health

I didn't focus on that and now, I wish I did. 

My routine now involves:

- 10 min runs around the block
- 50 push-ups every single day 
- Drinking water 
- Quitting narcotics 

No seriously, If I can do it, you can too.

10.) Switching perspectives will bless your life 

The people we fight with, the stressful 9-5 

Nothing will matter in 10 years. It's hard to look long-term when all you know is short-term 

Unless it's life-threatening, let it go and focus on NOW.