10 Skills That Will Skyrocket Your Freelance Career


10 Skills That Will Skyrocket Your Freelance Career

1/10 Accountancy.

Just the basic math. 

You need to know how much $ you spend/need to make.

Irregular incomes are not a problem. 

— If you are a decent accountant.

I use an simple Google sheet for cash flow analysis and costs counting. 

Make it simple, make it work. 

2/10 Having the time for new projects.

Working all the time is extremely overrated. 

It's not uncommon to work for 10, 13, 15 hours a day and still roughly get by.

Work on 70% capacity and still keep some time for interesting opportunities that may come. 

Because they will... 

3/10 Systems.

This changed the whole freelance game for me. 

- Build workflows

- Create checklists

- Work in the agile loops

I use Notion.so  for creating and maintaining the systems, and quality of my outputs increased drastically.

Software doesn't matter, using system does. 

4/10 Be proactive.

Make a call to your clients if you need to know something.

If you know the service your client may need, let him know.

Ask your clients how it goes.

Go the extra mile. 

It may have different forms, but the important thing is the clients will notice. 

5/10 Stay in touch with your previous clients.

Getting new clients is nice. 

But not to care about the clients you had in the past is crazy. 


- trust you

- know you

- believe your expertise

Check their website, write a short mail, hop on call.

It may go a long way. 

6/10 Meet deadlines and keep your world. 

If you say you will send a proposal 

send it.

If you say you will call back 

call back. 

If you say it's done by Friday

make it done by Friday.

Simple, not common 

7/10 Know your worth.

Clients will let you work for $5/hour. 


But the realization you have to go back to normal 9-5 after three months because you're broke (despite you worked all the time) will be on you.

Calculate your (real) minimum hourly rate and stick to it. 

8/10 Be fluent in people skill 

- Asking

- Chit chat

- Keeping in touch

- Being active in different communities

Those are the deal makers in the freelance world. 

9/10 Don't try to "scam your client".

Don't offer services you know your client doesn't need. 


- Charge him artificial fees,

- Up sell useless stuff.

- Try to get every dime possible out of him.

The client will realize and won't work with you again.


9/10 Be organized. 






Task manager.

Nobody cares if you like them.

Just make sure it works for you. 

10/10 Don't compare.

Learn from others. 

But checking the sites of people who do the same thing (for years) may be paralazing. 


The market is big enough for all. 

Focus on processes. Focus on skill. 

And give yourself some time to grow. 

Thanks for reading!

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