20,000 friends in 2020. 20 lessons to do better.


20,000 friends in 2020. 20 lessons to do better.

1) Be part of a like-minded group. Applaud different views. Welcome different skills. Build a team mission.

2) Debate. Don’t argue. Share views, opinions. Eliminate heated environments. Agree to disagree, move on.

3) Numbers can’t change you. Cash. Follower count. Assets. Keep your feet on the ground. It can all disappear quickly.

4) If you can’t help for free, you don’t deserve paid work. Help, without expectations. Every action is experience. It somehow pays off.

5) Comparing is nature. Don’t overdo it. Focus on self-motivation, not envy. They aren’t better than you. Never lose confidence. You have the ability.

6) Look backwards to learn. Not regret. Look forward to visualize. Build your game plan. There will be bumps. Find the way.

7) Improving is success. As Henry Ford put it, “No one ever considers themselves an expert if they really know the job”. You aren’t an expert. No stopping. Learn daily.

8) Life is about communities. Search one. Join one. Analyze. Provide value. Climbing the 9-5 is no different to climbing online.

9) Study people. Read through their intentions. Good relationships will skyrocket you. Bad ones will dig you a hole. Decide who needs to go, who needs to stay.

10) Learn from those ahead of you. Let them inspire you. They only started before you.

11) If the spotlight is on you, stay cautious. They will come after you. Give credit to others. Spotlight on them. Victory is not a “one man” game.

12) Set new objectives before achieving your goals. Success can feel empty. Build a never-ending purpose. Avoid “now what?”. Stay alive.

13) Instant gratification does not outweigh emotional pain. Junk food. Alcohol. Material luxuries. Even money in the bank. Search for inner happiness. A meaning to life.

14) You need to work hard. Without forgetting what matters. Your family. Your friends. Your physique. Your mental health. Value all before you lose it all.

15) Read books, while taking action. Street smart vs. book smart. Real life experience beats all. You will figure it out. It’s all timing.

16) Study yourself. Every day. Your emotions. Be in control, as others will see weakness. Note what triggers. Emotional contagion is the new virus.

17) Technology is your best friend. Test. Learn. Make social media your asset. Network. Create more. Consume less. It’s free education.

18) No one has a clue. Everyone learns the go. Including those that have made it. React as you progress. Start. Then look back to say, “I have made it”. You still won’t know how.

19) Less daily decisions works best. Look to automate. Fix processes. Daily habits. Overthinking is synonym of stress. Think less. Focus on importance.

20) Learn to sell. Sell products. Sell your skills. Life is relationships. Master sales. You will never be out of a job.

Lesson 21 for 2021: Master your personal finances. Planning. Budgets. Forecasts. Increase your inflows. Understand your investments. Keep it simple. Make your life simple.