3 Easy Ways to Make Music Status on WhatsApp

Status on whatsapp is a status that is only limited to about 30 seconds, which can be sent with video or photos, but what if with music ?. Sending music status on whatsapp is indeed not provided by the whatsapp feature itself, we can just send the music status on whatsapp but in several ways that I will explain. #whatsapp #tutorialwhatsapp #statuswhatsapp Here I have 3 ways to make music status on whatsapp, please see carefully the explanation below so you can make music status on whatsapp. 1. You select music then you immediately open your whatsapp after that you select the camera in whatsapp and when the camera is ready you just turn on the music and press the camera. 2. The following way we first have a music video to be made into the music status material on whatsapp, after you prepare the video you just send it on and select the pen then color and press the screen. 3. The last way we just use an application called Audio status maker, this application is very helpful for those of us who like making music status on whatsapp, we just prepare the music and send it to whatsapp status. Those are 3 ways to make music status on whatsapp, please try it and hopefully it will be useful and thank you.