3 Reasons Why Your Online Business FAILS If you are reading this, chances are you want to make money online.

 3 Reasons Why Your Online Business FAILS

If you are reading this, chances are you want to make money online.

It seems so easy to do, yet still so far away when you're starting from scratch.

Why do people fail?

👉 The 3rd mistake is the biggest one!

Read on...

1a. Talking To The Wrong Audience:

Many content creators talk to the wrong audience (I did too).

How do I know?

Just look at gazillion of Tweets, IG posts, articles, videos... that have no likes and no comments.

But don't fret... It's all part of the journey.

1b. Talking To The Wrong Audience:

Figuring out WHERE your audience is, and HOW you can get in front of them, is a difficult skill.

But when you master it, making money online comes easy.

My suggestion: Always pay close attention to which kind of crowd reacts to you.

2a. Promoting The Wrong Product:

Congrats, you've found the right audience for your content!

Sadly, you can still mess it up... By promoting the wrong product.

How do you know it's the wrong product? Here's how...

2b. Promoting The Wrong Product:

If your free content gets a lot of attention, but you can't convert that into sales, then there's a clear dissonance between your brand and your offer.

Solution: Look at your most popular content. Create a premium product that builds on that

2c. Promoting The Wrong Product:

Again, this can take a bit of trial and error until you find the perfect audience + product combo.

"Audience + Product" Combo = Jackpot

Advanced Tip: You can re-purpose your underperforming products into lead magnets and free bonuses.

3a. Switching Strategies:

A ton of new online marketers fail because they are constantly switching strategies.

January: Twitter

February: Ebook

March: Newsletter

April: TikTok

May: Youtube

5 months passed and still no results. It's a common scenario 😓

What happened?

3b. Switching Strategies:

Every single strategy, no matter how simple you think it is, takes time to:

+ Master

+ Implement

+ Scale

If you switch your strategy before you've even mastered it, you'll never be able to properly implement it.

Not mentioning you're not scaling.

4. Avoid These Mistakes:

I hope avoiding these three DONTS will help you successfully launch your online business:

+ Don't talk to the wrong audience

+ Don't promote the wrong product

+ Don't switch strategies

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