5 essential steps to selling a product or idea effectively.


5 essential steps to selling a product or idea effectively.

Without these, it won’t sell. 

1. Selling them the benefits not the features. 

Every great copywriter knows this simple fact.

When you tell them that you have the best weight loss pull out there, they won’t believe you.

They’ve seen this stuff thousands of times before.


You can’t tell them that your vacuum has more suction than other vacuums.

You have to tell them that because of this extra suction, your vacuum picks up 2x more pet hair and that they’ll never have to pick up pet hair again!

2. Find your model customer.

Do your research! Find this ideal person that you’re going to appeal to and pretend your convincing them. 

It help you to figure out...

- what problems they have

- what they want

- any objections that they might have.

3. Talk to them, they’re just a person!

Your headline and hook need to reel them in, while also keeping things simple.

It should be easy to read, yet paint their pain points so that they keep reading in order to find the solution (your product).

Flow is really important here.

4. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Stage your product so that, if they don’t buy it, they’re losing out big time.

You can do this through...

- money back guarantee 

- sale

- free shipping

- anything that makes it easier for them to buy.

5. Add testimonials and other proof!

If you have a product that has ingredients, put quotes in from scientific papers talking about how your ingredients “reduce back pain”. 

If you have client results from your service, have them talk about how much you helped them over video.

Incorporate these things alone and your sales will increase. 

Take the time to write these things out.

A bad sentence could be the difference between you making a couple thousand dollars.