5 Hidden Tactics That You Can Learn From MMA Fighters


5 Hidden Tactics That You Can Learn From MMA Fighters

1. Flipping The Switch

These fighters are able to train for months on end to leave it all at fight night.

As soon as the fight starts they’re pounding away at each other.

Sometimes trash talking is involved as tempers start to rise. They almost can’t seem to control it.

Most of the time, they are fully in control. They’re able to flip a switch and activate all of their training.

They go from 0 to 100%

As soon as the fight is over, you’ll see them hugging each other. 

Mutual respect and understanding that the fight is over. 

Apply this by learning when you need to flip your switch. 

When you need to work hard on something, or stop in some cases.

You can do this by:

> listening to the same music playlist

> creating some kind of routine before/after work

> being 100% focused at the task at hand

2. Preparing For The Fight

Every fighter trains for years on end to get a couple of fights.

The number one thing that keeps them sane when they finally get to the fight is trust.

They trust that they’ve trained as hard as they could for the past years all leading up to now. 

This is why you have no reason to be nervous about anything.

If you truly worked and practiced for the situation you’re in now, there’s nothing more you could’ve done.

You are at your peak level, why question it?

If you do question it, that means you need to go back and work.

3. Visualizing

Another tactic they use to prepare is visualizing.

Once again understanding that they’ve trained non-stop for this moment.

They’re going to throw the counter punches that they trained for when the opponent slips into the right position and strike with force. 

Before the fight they’re talking themselves through the ideal fight.

How they’ll do this and that and knock out the opponent.

You should be doing the same with your future.

You should realize that the hard work you’re doing is towards something great, it will come.

4. Fighting Fear

One fighter said that it’s bad to hide your fears. Everyone has fear before a fight.

If you hide it, you’ve lost. Instead, use it for yourself.

Fear produces adrenaline and allows you to reach new levels of energy.

Transform this into good energy that you use 

You should be using fear as fuel every day.

Find your fear and use it to your advantage.

Fear of:

> not making enough money this month

> not pleasing your clients

> not being able to stay consistent

Fuel your future with your worries.

5. Dealing With Loss

Everyone loses. Whether it’s the first fight or one of the last.

These fighters put a lot on the line every time they step into the ring.

Months of training for this moment and it can all come crashing down in minutes.

They don’t prepare for loss though. 

They’ve learned to accept it when it happens.

Things might not have gone right, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do their best.

If they didn’t do their best, they’ll learn from the mistakes.

After the fight is over, they’re already onto the next one.

You should act the same way.

You’ll face some obstacles on the way to reaching your goals all the time.

It’s about how you learn from them and move on that truly shows who you are.

Be able to wipe the slate clean and get back to work. It will only help you. 


1. Learn to flip the switch when you do work. You’ll have more energy and be much more focused.

2. Prepare to do your best. You have to trust that you did amazing to get to this point.

3. Visualizing success will allow you to achieve it easier. Picture it in detail.

4. Learn to use your fear to your advantage. Everyone has it, but are you willing to harness it for good?

5. Learn to deal with loss. Everyone faces it, but it’s about how you react to it. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

I hope you’ve learned a lot from these fighters. What they do is truly incredible.

You should apply the same principles to how you tackle work. 

Do everything above and you can truly become unstoppable.