5 psychological ways to boost your sales Number 4 will make you rich.

 5 psychological ways to boost your sales. Number 4 will make you rich.

1. Extra "Bonus"

When you are selling, you can add a free "bonus" to the main product.

It usually attracts more because people feel they are winning more than normal.

Plus, some potential clients can get the bonus more than the offers without bonus. 


2. Free Trial

Give your potential clients a taste of what you offer.

Also known as the "Pablo Escobar's Strategy" he used to give people a little quantity of his drug and then they'll come back for more.

Give some for free, then get paid.

3. Bundle 

When you join your best-seller products, many clients will be interested.

But if you join your products and add a little discount, you will make thousand sales more.

4. Scarcity 

Scarcity creates urgency, urgency triggers action, action makes you rich.

No one wants to miss a chance, scarcity is the push many of potential clients need to buy from you.


- "Price going up in 24h" 

- "Discount for the next 10"

5. Social Proof

Give your potential clients evidence of the value inside your product.

If they see your product is popular, they will fear missing out the product.

What others think about your product does influences your sales.


- Reviews

- Testimonials

Use this strategies that influence psychology of your buyers to increase sales.

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