5 Seemingly Unrelated Concepts to Make More Money.


5 Seemingly Unrelated Concepts to Make More Money.

*this is not about ads, sending emails, or calling folks

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Here we go!

1. Less screens. More exercise.

The avg person spends 3 hrs/day on social media.

I don't have to convince you why this is too much.

How does exercising make you money?

Just 20 min. of exercise improves memory and productivity by over 15%.

IDEAL conditions for making money.

2. Use paper and pencil.

Not just for note taking.

Use it to write down ideas, write out copy, and draw visuals.

Most importantly, this eliminates all the distractions that appear while using a device.

Less time wasted on distractions = more time on real work.

Cash money.

3. Call > text.

>> Message sent

>> Message received [two hours later]


>> Starts a call

>> Gets an answer [two minutes later]

Calling moves the needle.

It also saves HOURS of time every day.

A 15 min call covers more than 5 hours of texting.

Time saved = Money made.

4. Be generous.

This is not about giving in expectation of getting back something.

This is about being wholeheartedly empathetic.

There are others in need of help.

Build a relationship.

Who knows, maybe down the line they'll be a CEO.

They'll remember you.

5. Sit in silence for 5 minutes a day.

Pray. Think. Meditate.

No music, distractions, or talking.

If you can't handle being alone with your thoughts then do this more often.

Clear your mind = clarity.

Think deeply = vision.

You will have laser focus and direction.


Try these 5 concepts out.

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Don't be afraid to do things that don't have a direct ROI.

Have a great rest of the day!