6 Easy Ways You Can Dominate 2021


6 Easy Ways You Can Dominate 2021

1. Identify your bad habits

Your habits can make or break you.

So it's important to know how you can break them.

2. Identify the root cause

Habits are modern day solutions to our primal desires.

Understand the cause so you can change the effect.

3. Find better alternatives

Now that you know the root cause

Use google to find better solutions.

4. Optimize your environment for success

Your environment plays a key role in your success.

"A dirty room is home to a cluttered mind."

Surround yourself with the tools necessary to reach your goal.

5. Reward yourself

Changing bad habits won't happen overnight

So you'll need that extra motivation

By knowing you'll be rewarded for your work.

6. Mark your progress

You'll need a calendar.

Work on creating your new habit daily.

Make an X on the calendar every day that you do.

Don't miss a day and see how long you can keep the chain going.


1. Identify bad habits

2. Identify root cause

3. Find great alternatives

4. Optimize environment

5. Give yourself a reward

6. Mark your daily progress

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I want all of us to crush 2021.