7 Habits You Can Implement Right Now To Achieve Peak Productivity


7 Habits You Can Implement Right Now To Achieve Peak Productivity 

1. Morning Routine

- 50 pushups + stretch for 2 minutes

- 40 pushups + stretch for 2 minutes 

- 30 pushups + stretch for 2 minutes 

- 20 pushups + stretch for 2 minutes

- 10 pushups + stretch for 2 minutes

- drink 16 ounces of water throughout

(Adjust pushups to your ability)

2. Making a To-Do List

Every morning I’ll write down things I want to do by the end of the day.

Anything that I have in my schedule that day I’ll throw in as well.

Whenever you complete something cross it out. It gives you satisfaction that keeps you going, trust me.

3. Blocking Off Time To Work

You can’t have laser focus for 10 hours a day. I block out two-four 90 minute periods every day where I just grind work.

Some days I’m more busy, other days I’m not. During this time you are completely focused on your work and not on your phone.

4. Plan Meals

Your thinking power often goes to unnecessary tasks. Thinking about what you’re eating is one of those.

The day before/morning of you should decide what you’ll be eating for your meals that day.

This will allow you to prepare accordingly and forget about them.

5. Exercise 3-5 Hours A Week

Obviously the amount you exercise varies by individual.

I found that getting a workout in 5 days a week has done monumental things for my...

- health

- confidence 

- sleep

- productivity

Figure out what works and do it every week.

6. Water Throughout The Day

Water in the morning is important, but carry a water bottle around throughout the day.

I try to drink three of my water bottles a day ~ 66 ounces.

With your morning water, water with your workout, and in between meals, this shouldn’t be hard.

7. Weekly Journaling

Every Sunday night I write down what happened throughout the week.

I reflect on what happened and what I want to improve.

I also set goals for things I want to do the following week. It allows me to visualize and make a plan for what I want to do.

Adopt these weekly habits and routines and I guarantee you will...

- be healthier

- more productive

- have better sleep

- have more happiness