7 keys to become more CREATIVE Creativity can be learned or improved on, just like happiness.


7 keys to become more CREATIVE

Creativity can be learned or improved on, just like happiness. 

I believe everybody is naturally creative, you just have to remove the habits and thoughts that are clogging your channels.

1. Remove external noise:

It is hard to get creative ideas when so many voices are jumbled up in your head. 

Stop feeding your mind junk - avoid celebrity gossips, circular news, and be selective with the music you listen to. 

Remember: garbage in, garbage out.

2. Remove self-doubt:

Be excited about your ideas. 

Whether they sound idiotic, feel difficult or look impossible – it doesn’t f*king matter. Act on them! 

Remember: you are not the only one with those ideas - if you don’t materialize them, someone else will.

3. Consume quality contents:

Whatever niche you choose, find 3-5 big players that have successful built a brand around it.

Learn from them without emulating them. Never compare the quality of your work with theirs.

Spend 20% of your time consuming, and 80% creating.

4 Learn a skill:

If you don’t have a pronounced talent, find a hobby or skill that interests you. 

Practice passionately everyday, the mastery of it will become your talent.

5 Keep a journal close to you: 

Develop the habit of writing down your ideas - it is a way of thanking your brain for coming up with the idea, and the brain in return will generate more ideas. 

Inspiration can come anytime - eating, in the shower, even during 53x.

6 Quit overthinking: 

Eliminate unnecessary and useless thoughts from your psyche —

sports, celebrities, trends, politics, or gender roles debates —

basically anyone or anything that isn't improving you. 

Remember: you become that which you constantly think about.

7 Learn to relax:

The more relaxed you are, the more creative you become. 

Eliminate stress from your body (exercise) and mind (meditate).

To me creativity is a quality of mind. 

Aim to bring that quality into everything you do, find new ways of performing your daily tasks.

2021 is the year you find a medium for self-expression. 

If you can't do video, do audio. 

If you can't do audio, write. 

If you can't write, doodle. 

If you can't doodle, start yodeling. 


I don't care what it is you do - go create!