7 Things To Consider To Become Successful


7 Things To Consider To Become Successful

1. Gratitude 

Start your day being grateful for what you have.

Be grateful for:

- Life 

- Food

- House

- Family

- Friends

- Internet

What you take for granted is a blessing for others. Exchange complaints with gratitude. You won't regret it.

2. Clarity

A clear mind is a powerful mind.

Organize your thoughts, control your fears, have clarity on your goals, create your vision. 

Have your goals clear and specific. Make a plan to accomplish them, but most importantly, ACT.

Clarity is needed to succeed.

3. Systems 

Create a system that helps you achieve your goal. The right system will level you up, the wrong system will bring you down.

Make your days get you closer to your goals. This is accomplished through systems. 

Think > Plan > Act > Learn > Improve > Repeat.

4. Relationships 

Believe it or not, your friends influence your life more than you expect.

They are subconsciously affecting your thoughts, and therefore, your actions.

Hang around with 4 successful persons, and you shall become successful too. Same with broke persons.

5. Discipline 

Discipline is the solution to every struggle you have.

Although many believe that motivation is all they need to achieve their goals, discipline is what actually helps you achieve your goals.

Motivation will get you started,

Discipline will get you moving.

6. Focus 

How to be focused:

- Cutting off all distractions

- Turn off phone notifications

- Take breaks and move often

- Have a clear plan of your actions

- The most important step, take action

If you can stay focused for longer than 1 hour, you can achieve your goals.

7. Fail

Yes. You can't succeed without failing. 

Do not try to avoid it, because is inevitable. Fail often, but most importantly LEARN from each failure. 

The only way to become a master at any topic is through learning tons of failures.


- Gratitude will change your attitude

- Clarity will organize your mind

- Systems will automate your actions

- Great relationships will level you up

- Discipline will get you moving

- Focus will help you get quality work

- Failures will give you great learnings.

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