Build one page, help a business, and stack cash.


Build one page, help a business, and stack cash.

1. Benefits

Many local businesses don't need a website to generate sales.

>> HVAC/plumbing

>> Roofers

>> Repair shops

>> Barbers

>> etc.

So how will a landing page benefit them?

>> collect local emails ($$$)

>> brand awareness ($$)

>> immediate sales ($)

Collecting local emails = GOLD.

>> email sequences including tips, promos, and exclusive discounts

We're going to use this as our use case for now.

But how do you get someone to hand over their email to you?

Let's talk about that now.

2. Lead magnet

You have to trade some VALUABLE info for a person's info.

That valuable something is your lead magnet.

Mine was a quick video.

Yours can be a:

>> quick video

>> free ebook/pdf

>> free checklist/guide


3. Lead magnet content example

Spend MAX 2-3 hours on this.

>> Research

>> Get info from client

>> Search similar blogs

>> See competitor's articles


>> "5 Things You Will Regret If You Choose The Wrong HVAC Technician"

Create a presentation video / PDF.

If you're creating a video use 

>> Google slides for presentations

>> Loom to screen record it

If you're creating a PDF use

>> Google docs templates

>> Graphics from Canva

>> Export as PDF

Now focus on the content of your lead magnet.

Let's continue.

4. Build the site

Use carrd to build your landing page.

Use the lead magnet title as your landing page title.

Smack your lead magnet onto the page.

Add a first name and email box right next to it.

Add a button to collect the info.


5. The rest of the flow

>> Run local FB ads

>> Optimize for conversions

>> Create an email sequence for them

>> Connect the leads you get from the site to your email provider

Your client will get more phone calls and emails (leads) asking about their services.


Building a landing page isn't a recurring service.

But how it's used is.

>> FB ads to drive traffic

>> Email marketing

Together this creates a deadly combo that MANY local businesses can benefit from.

Package it up and create one offer.

Now, you have a powerful agency.

Want to start helping businesses but have no idea how to start?

>> Pick a niche

>> Do market research

>> Craft your offer

>> Outreach

>> Close clients

>> Provide your service

Sounds like a lot.