Copy this if you want results and more money.


Copy this if you want results and more money.

This is a process, not a hack.

This will generate you more money than any hack you'll find.

Let's get into it.

1. You gotta have a niche

Choose one that you're familiar with and know how to research to get more info.

>> Home remodeling

>> Plumbing / HVAC

>> Roofing

>> Pool cleaning

>> Basketball training

>> Orthodontists

>> Financial planners

>> Real estate

>> etc.

2. Write some delicious copy headline drawing extreme curiosity

"The 7 Things No Marketer Will Ever Mention to You about Dental Marketing"

"Why Only a Few Wedding Planners are Killing It Right Now"

"2 Simple Tricks that No Other Home Remodeler is Using to Kill It Right Now"

3. Write the content for it and upload it to a landing page

>> Research the topic

>> Find good, actionable advice

>> Use Carrd/Clickfunnels/etc.

>> Write like an expert

>> Write concisely

>> Use Grammarly to fix your English

>> Add the delicious headline

>> Add the content

4. Collect warm leads

>> Add a one-liner to the end

"Want 5 More Secret Tips that You Won't Find on the Internet?"

"We'll Save You Time From Researching About 'XYZ'"

"One Email Could Get You 58% More Revenue. Find out here."

>> Add the email and name boxes

>> Collect leads

5. Direct traffic with paid ads

>> Run Facebook ads to your new site

>> Use the delicious headline as the ad headline

>> Go to Canva and find a relevant stock photo

>> Set up a conversions and website views campaign

>> Set conversions to leads

>> Run $15-20/day

>> Leads incoming

6. What do I do with these warm emails?

You have gold in your hands now.

Warm leads, not cold ones.

People who are now at the top of your funnel.

They're 75-80% interested in a relevant offer.

Give them something to chew on.

7. Examples

>> Run their marketing for them ($$$)

>> Consult them on their current marketing ($$)

>> Sell an info product to them ($)

Now depending on the niche and your content, you don't even have to sell anything related to marketing.

That was just this example.

8. Conclusion

This is a lead magnet.