Fastest Way To Make Money Online: Freelancing If you need money FAST, then freelancing is still your best option.

Fastest Way To Make Money Online: Freelancing

If you need money FAST, then freelancing is still your best option.

I used to make all my money from freelancing and getting my first clients went really fast.

Here's what I think is the simplest way to get started...

1. Instant Money:

As exciting as it sounds to sell products while you sleep, it takes time to build this up. Especially if you're a beginner.

Freelancing on the other hand is pretty much instant money.

As soon as you land your first client, you can start earning.

2. Platforms:

You don't even have to do cold outreach.

Simply sign up for a freelancing platform and submit your proposals or wait for a client to contact you.

The two platforms I used were:

+ Fiverr

+ Upwork

Here's how they are different...

3a. Fiverr:

Fiverr is the easiest platform to get started, in my opinion.

It's good for selling small gigs, which are one-time projects.

Once your profile is set up, you could get your first client overnight or within a few days.

A few tips on how to succeed on Fiverr...

3b. Fiverr:

The most important thing on Fiverr is your profile.

Invest all your time into making it as beautiful and professional as possible:

+ Great photo

+ Clear description

+ Record yourself and upload a video where you talk into the camera explaining your service

3c. Fiverr:

Once you've sold your first few gigs and got 5-star ratings from your clients, getting more clients only becomes easier.

Then you can add more gigs or more expensive gigs to increase your earnings.

Or you evolve to Upwork, as I did...

4a. Upwork:

Upwork is much more serious-looking, whereas Fiverr has a playful vibe to it.

On Upwork you can get hired for long-term projects as a freelancer. It's almost like being an external employee sometimes.

I've had projects pay me tens of thousands $$ on Upwork...

4b. Upwork:

You'll want to offer bigger services on Upwork. Think more in terms of a job interview.

And having an amazing profile is crucial!

Especially important is that you add references and a portfolio to your profile.

This will really feel like a CV.

4c. Upwork:

Getting started on Upwork is more difficult and also takes more time.

But the payoff is much greater once you reach a certain freelancer status there.

Fiverr is great to make money while you build up your Upwork profile.

Thank you for reading!