without spending a dime.

1. Leverage your social network

FB / IG / LinkedIn / Twitter

>> "I'm starting my own marketing agency and I'm looking for a Chiropractor who could use more leads"

If you have ZERO social networks...

>> Find a friend or family member who does

>> Let them post for you

Why does this work?

You might not directly know any Chiropractors.

But your friends and family might.

Or their friends and family might.

Or even their friends and family might.

Who knows what'll be shared and spread.

But you won't know until you get the word out.

2. Get in targeted Facebook groups

Every niche has them.

>> Dentists, HVAC, Chiropractors, Consultants, etc.

>> Post free value + info but NEVER promote

>> Become the goto person for marketing

>> DM everyone who comments / engages on your posts

>> Get them on the phone

>> Close

Why does this work?

Targeted Facebook groups usually have THOUSANDS of business owners in that niche.

It's a gold mine if you utilize it properly.

Post 3-5 times a week about marketing tips for that niche specifically.

You will gain traction (comments, likes)

It works.

3. Content creation as a HVCO

(high value content offer)

>> Go to Quora / Youtube

>> What would biz owners search?

>> Provide free info + value, no promo!

>> "How to get leads for my dental office"


>> Answer relevant posts with  a bunch of free tips and link to your site


>> Create videos specifically giving tips to your niche

>> Link your site / schedule consultation link in description and comments

You might not get many views, but you will get targeted viewers and free traffic!

Why do both of these work?

No business owner wants to do their own marketing.

The want to focus on their craft.

Providing value positions you as an expert, not a salesman.

Give so much value you gain their trust.

That's when they'll start to contact you directly.

You're probably thinking...

"This seems like it's going to take some time"

Indeed it will.

In the beginning, you trade your time for clients, results, and testimonials.

Then you can leverage those to get even more and scale.

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