How Much Does Blogging Cost?

How Much Does Blogging Cost?

I've earned my first dollar online with blogging.

So naturally, blogging will always be a viable business strategy to me.

Once something puts money into your bank account, your bound to fall in love with it 😜

What holds people back from starting a blog is usually the costs associated with it

In my opinion, it's ridiculously cheap to run a blog so I don't understand how it can hold people back

But who cares what I think...

Let's talk about how much it costs EXACTLY to run a blog

1. Blog Components:

As you probably know already, a blog is a website.

That means you need:

+ Domain name

+ Web hosting

+ Software

Let's look at each component real quick and I'll tell you how much it costs...

2a. Domain Name:

If the domain name is still available, it usually costs between $10 and $15 per YEAR.

So that's like $1 per month.

Sometimes you can get domain names for even much cheaper than that.

I'll show you where...

2b. Domain Name:

Want a cheap domain name?

Namecheap has a search bar where you can type in any domain name you can think of.

👉 They also offer some of the cheapest prices on domain names

3a. Web Hosting:

Web hosting is the most expensive part of running a blog.

I pay around $10 per month for my web hosting because I have multiple sites (which still costs less than Netflix btw).

But you can get started for as little as $3 if all you want is one single blog.

3b. Web Hosting:

There are numerous web hosting companies out there.

And they're all battling with each other for the lowest price.

👉 I use HostGator.

4a. Software:

You also need a blogging software so that you can create, update, and publish your blog without writing any code.

👉 Luckily, the best blogging software in the world is FREE

That's right, you don't have to pay anything for it

What's this magical software...?

4b. Software:

The best & FREE blogging software is called: Wordpress

Chances are you've already heard of it. I use it on all my blogs & I love how simple it is.

👉 If you want to learn more about WordPress, you can read this article here: https://t.co/T5oMK5vP8v

Total $$?

5. Total Costs:

Domain Name: ~$1 per month

Web Hosting: ~$3+ per month

Software: FREE

So you can have a professional blog with your own domain name up and running for not even $5 per month.

I pay around $15 per month with multiple domain names.

Either way, it's cheap!

6. How Does Blogging Work?

I hope this thread has invoked your interest in blogging.

Before you go...

Thank you for reading!