How they trick you to spend money. 5 strategies that trigger your mind to buy.

 How they trick you to spend money.

5 strategies that trigger your mind to buy.

1) The “Sale”

You enter a shop and T-shirt priced: $60

Thought: “Ah, nice but slightly expensive”.

This happens with any product out there.

But let’s say the next day…

Same t-shirt but this time “SALE – $60 instead of $90”

Different story; this urgency triggers the buy.

2) The “Up-sell”

You see 2 popcorn offers…

Or ice creams, smoothies, any product...

You are likely to choose the cheapest size.

But with 3 options?

Your mind is triggered to look at the middle size…

Or even go for the largest size.

The “rule of 3” changes everything.

3) The “Free Delivery”

An online sale “product price” + “delivery price”.

Your thought: “I don’t want to pay the delivery”

In reality, most products that have free delivery…

Take the delivery into account in the total price.

Remember, there is nothing for “free”.

4) The “Cross-sell”

You often spend more money because…

“Other buyers also bought this…”

It happens to all.

Whether it’s books, or a Big Mac deal…

Or simply buying a mobile with other gadgets.

You go to buy 1 product and end up with 3.

5) The “Brand”

The power of a logo.

You might actually find better coffee without a branding.

But a logo brings emotion to life.

A connection makes your wallet happy to spend more.

It happens with branded clothing, education, cars, mobiles.

A brand will always be a brand.

Thank you for reading.

If any of these have triggered you to buy…

Please share and suggest other marketing strategies below.