How to capture emails on your website/store and utilize pop-ups to the maximum. +2 bonuses

How to capture emails on your website/store and utilize pop-ups to the maximum.

+2 bonuses

1. Site-wide website opt-in → simple opt-in in exchange for a discount, unlock extra content, free guides, etc.

Now don't be boring with the usual 'enter email to receive updates' because no one puts their email in there. 

Give an incentive.

2. Exit intent → give a discount when they try to leave the website (when their mouse moves towards the top of the desktop, a pop up appears)

- Now here's the trick, you can make 2 exit pop-ups, one for checkout exit and another one for site-wide exit.

- If they exit on the checkout take to put them in the HOT segment - give them tips, tricks, and overall education on your product

- Exit-intent sign up on every other page should take them to the regular Welcome sequence

3. Layover pop-ups - simple

4. When abandoning the checkout of course

5. Social contests → opportunities to enter the raffle and win free products → send them to the opt-in page where they enter email and make a purchase to enter the contest where some of them win it

6. Product launches → build anticipation and drive traffic from ads and organic to the opt-in page and from there you can add them to the early bird list to properly warm them up for the launch

7. Influencer program → with SMS it's a bit easier, I believe with Instagram you can just swipe up and it automatically opens their SMS app which already has pre-text so they just have to hit the send button. With email, it should be similar to a social contest

Bonus #1:

You can always micro-target with your pop-ups. If a customer has been already on your website, refine their experience to maximize the revenue. So if someone has already spent $500, would you bother giving them some discounts?

Bonus #2:

Geotarget your customers. Have a local store? If they are nearby, tell them to come to visit you.

It is all possible to do with pop-ups.

If you have any other tips, I would also like to learn 🙂