How to not get old. A simplistic guide on preventing old age, even in your later years.

 How to not get old.

A simplistic guide on preventing old age, even in your later years.

Obviously we're all getting older AGE wise.

That doesn't mean you have to feel old.

Age is an indicator of how many years you've lived.

It's not as important as how you feel and move.

An extreme example but you get the idea:

This man, 62 years old, broke the world record for the longest plank.

8 hours and 15 mins.

1. Avoid the extra weight

It's correlated with an increased chance of disease and a decline in health.

2. Stay Strong

Consistently do resistance training at least twice a week.

You don't need to be a bodybuilder, you just need to maintain muscle mass.

3. Avoid sugar (White Death)

It's been shown to cause a decline in health sooner and also leads to all kinds of diseases.

4. Spend more time outdoors

More time spent outdoors in nature vs indoors watching TV.

Beaches, parks, hikes, sunsets, etc...

5. Stay Flexible

Tight muscles and body leads to stiffness throughout the day and generally a more sedentary lifestyle.

Avoid it by being active, walking daily, and stretching.

6. Keep your mind SHARP

Less passive activities (Watching TV).

More Active (Reading).

Constantly pick up new hobbies and get better at them

By doing this you are rewiring your brain and adding new pathways.

Hobbies you can pick up today and be good at by this time next year:

-Martial Arts
-Ping Pong
-Rock Climbing

7. Enjoy life

Laugh more.

Spend more time with family.

Stop working so much.

Make time for things that are important.

You'll almost always regret not doing these things.

The old and grump guys are grumpy for a reason. Regret.

What's the point?

If you build your empire wisely.

And keep your family and friends close.

Imagine sitting back and lighting a cigar.

As you watch everything you ever dreamed of, manifested in front of you.

Passing it all on to your children and children's children.

If not that's not called winning at life.

I don't know what is.

So take care of your self.

It's a long game ahead.

If you play it wisely, there is a big chance you can also win at the game of life.

Thank you for reading.

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