How to read people. 6 key points to have an advantage.


How to read people.

6 key points to have an advantage.

1. Eye movements; mind reflection

Avoid eye contact? They're shy, hiding something or feeling intimidated. Find out. Looking bottom right? Reflecting their feelings. Bottom left (disagreement), top right (lie/visualising), top left (remembering). Study eyes; know their thinking.

2. Body distance defines openness 

They lean away? Negative response. Lean back too. Leaning in: You got their attention. Respect distance, or their first impression won’t be positive. “7% is what you say, 38% is how you say it and 55% is nonverbal communication”- Dan Lok.

3. Legs and arms; the silent words

Crossed arms? Protective. Playing with their hair? They want to impress. Bouncing legs (nervous/in a hurry), knees pointing away (want to get rid of you). Touch someones shoulder arm to show their importance. Silent words are power.

4. Study every room 

When you walk into a situation, stop. Yes, stop and look around. Don’t talk. Analyse the surrounding, the people. Formal or casual? Quiet or loud? Become a mirror to the environment to build rapport; be yourself but adapt before you act.

5. Mirroring voice tonality 

Screaming in a silent room? You will be either very liked or completely disliked. Mirror voice tonality and speed to build rapport. If they speak lowly/slowly, follow their path. Loud and fast speaking? Be energetic. Become their mirror.

6. Writing defines a personality

Long sentences? Struggles to explain/understand. WRITING LIKE THIS?!? Energetic, hyper. Short sentences: Calm and paused individual. You receive short emails? Go to the point, don’t waste time. People are what they write and how they write.

Whether it’s in sales, business, any relationship…

If you can read people, you have an advantage.

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