If I had to start all over, here's what I would do for the next 12 months:


If I had to start all over, here's what I would do for the next 12 months:

**ONLY read this if you can think long term.

This is not for people looking for a two week gig.

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1. Learn SEO, FB ads,  or Email marketing

These are arguable the top 3 most in-demand services that businesses need right now.

Focus on the benefits:

SEO - more visitors to their site

FB ads - more visitors to their offer

Email marketing - higher client retention + follow ups

2. Contact friends/family who could benefit

The fastest way to grow is by having testimonials and concrete results.

Your friends/family will be the easiest way to get started.

Work for FREE.

Get the numbers; they're worth GOLD to you.

More valuable then getting paid.

3. Reach out and get clients

Do I want to jump in and start with FB ads?

Yes, but not yet.

I'm cold emailing first.

It's much more affordable, and it sticks more than an ad.

You also have the chance to be more personal and grab that extra attention they're looking for.

4. Focus on the pipeline

Ok, I've found a few clients, but things are a mess and I need to organize.

Write down the entire process.

How do I onboard clients? Do the work?

How do I communicate effectively with each of them?

Systemize everything.

It'll save you HOURS.

5. Scale with Ads + Hire someone

Now I'll run ads.

I want to do less of the service fulfillment and outreach, so I'm going to have someone do it all for me.

Keep your margins 50-70% and hire on a commission basis.

- Outreach

- Sales

- Fulfillment

True CEO now.

6. Come back to this article in a year or so and thank me

Haha I'm jk.

But  if this helped you find clarity and gave you something to ponder about, please share this.

I've helped 100s of people and I plan on helping way more.

Your engagements will make that possible!