Level-up your strategic thinking. 6 basic points to get ahead.


Level-up your strategic thinking.

6 basic points to get ahead.

1. Camouflage your competitiveness

Winners say, “let’s see if we win, our competition is good”. Even when knowing that they will be the winners. Be the “underdog”. Catch everyone by surprise, knowing that you’re better. Less pressure & unnecessary stress too; you will feel good.

2. Become a leading “detective”

Recognise clues that guide you to new opportunities. Curiosity leads to growth. 1) Observe 2) listen 3) understand. Read between the lines and stay aware. This leads to “Ah Ha, I got this”. Moments of greatness that guide your future direction.

3. There is no small picture

Look beyond your experience. Schedule time to think. Just yourself. No rushed decisions/plans. “How does this help to make it better?”, “What can I do to improve”. Find the reasons of your daily activities. They better lead to the big picture.

4. Be a realist, not a dreamer

Be optimistic, but better a “realistic” optimist. Get a sense of what is achievable long-term. Define objectives, build a master plan. Break it into small goals. Focus on the short-term road. Stay honest, stay committed. Every day is progress.

5. Study the road ahead

Patterns and trends, you better study them. Become a master at benchmarking. Be flexible with plans. Be great at comparing alternatives and reviewing progress. Anticipate change. Don’t let change hit you by surprise. Set your plan timeline.

6. Welcome judgements

Everyone has an opinion, ideas. Welcome them. Don’t restrict yourself to your own thinking. Challenge your thoughts, seek advice, yet make your own conclusions. Be patient and don’t rush. Defining a vision takes time and it leads to greatness.

Build a strategic vision.

Thank you for reading.