The 6 basic financial rules that will help GET YOU RICH.


The 6 basic financial rules that will help GET YOU RICH. 

1: Save a 6+ months emergency fund

If you don't have an emergency fund, then you're living at *extreme risk*. 

You don't need to do this overnight.  Start small, build over time. 

Your future self will thank you.

2: Invest 20% of income in long-term investments

If you spend the majority of your salary, then guess what? 

⇢ You're "fake rich". 

Alone, salaries don't build wealth. Neither does saving. 

Investments build wealth.

3: ZERO credit card debt

Your credit card is a convenience, not a way to spend money that you don't have. 

Credit card debt is:

✓ addicting
✓ high interest
✓ tough to eliminate

And, it KILLS your ability to build wealth.

4: Drive cars until they die

I don't mean this literally. But, driving your cars until they are impractical or unsafe is a GREAT way to save thousands on cars. 

Buy quality. Maintain the hell out of it. 

Then, drive it until you can't. 


5: Ignore your neighbor's buying decisions

Don't keep up with the Joneses because most Joneses are broke. 

Focus on you and your family. Your needs. 

Your neighbor isn't paying your bills, so don't let them turn you into a financial idiot.

6: Walk more

Walking is a great way to think. 

It also gets us outside and away from our computers and Amazon. 

It's also great for your health. 

The next time you're bored, try walking.