The only way to make money with your copy is by defining who your target customer is. Let’s find out how you can do just that.


The only way to make money with your copy is by defining who your target customer is.

Let’s find out how you can do just that.

1. Define a Background

For this thread we will be selling Mass Gainer protein shakes to college men that want to gain weight.

Go deep and make a full profile up of one of these people.

You want to include:

> age

> job

> what they do in free time

> what they’re feeling


Brad is a junior in college (21 years old). He does work during the week and parties on the weekends.

He started going to the gym with his friends but isn’t really seeing results. He’s starting to get

 frustrated and wants to find a cure to his problems.

2. Define Their Goals and Challenges

When you define these things, you can use them in your copy.

Painting your ideal customer’s pain points throughout your copy is important.

You need to show them that they have a problem that you can solve.


Brad is fairly skinny and wants to gain weight fast.

He’s tried eating more but can’t eat enough, or maybe he eats the wrong things.

Whatever it might be, it’s not working and he’s getting frustrated.

3. Quotes and Objections

Quotes you can find in the review section of most products. People talk about how they couldn’t do XYZ but can now because of this product.

Objections are what your audience can use as an excuse. There are a lot of basic objections that you can address.

Basic Objection List

> I don’t have time

> it’s too expensive

> does it work?

> is there a money back guarantee?

> what’s different from competitors?

> I don’t trust it

> doesn’t seem that important to me


“I used to not be able to gain weight until I bought {mass gainer}”

“I wasn’t getting enough calories or protein in my diet so I bought {mass gainer}”

Brad will most likely have all of the objections as above. 

Also these:

> is it healthy?

> how much should I take?

The Application

Now you need to apply these ideas throughout your copy.

> Write a headline directed at Brad

Ex: “How College Men Are Gaining Weight Fast!”

> Handle objections throughout copy and again in FAQ section

Ex: “To gain weight you only need one protein shake a day!”

> Paint their challenges throughout

Ex: “Chances are you’re trying to eat anything and everything right now and not gaining weight. You’re tired of being skinny and want to change that now.”

> Put in quotes from before and after people tried out the product

Add all of these things to your copy, and you will make sales.

Defining your target audience is a great way to connect with people. 

Find their problems and present the solution. 

You’re closing the sale.