The Secret To Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is talked about in every corner of the internet. Can there even be any more secrets left to share?

 The Secret To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is talked about in every corner of the internet.

Can there even be any more secrets left to share?

Get ready...


There are three fundamental steps to affiliate marketing.

That's what this thread focuses on:

+ Affiliate for successful products

+ Give a lot of upfront value first

+ Customize your offers

Sounds easy? Then why are so few doing it!

Let me show you...

1a. Successful Products:

You will drastically increase your chances of success if you affiliate for a best-selling product.


👉 Because such products already have buzz around them and a good reputation.

That means...

1b. Successful Products:

That means:

When you tell your audience to buy the product, chances are they've already heard of it before.

In other words, they were already warmed up to this product by hearing the buzz and many great reviews.

This makes it MUCH easier for you.

1c. Successful Products:

Also be aware of trends.

👉 For example here on Twitter, the hyped up courses were different 3 months ago than what you see everyone talk about today.

Stay on top of the trend and affiliate for whatever is considered the best product right now.

2a. Give Value Upfront:

For people to click your affiliate links, they must trust you first.

👉 Affiliate marketing is a business of trust more than anything else.

You must reach a point where your audience takes your recommendations seriously.

But how?

2b. Give Value Upfront:

This is how you build trust:

+ Create valuable content

+ Help as many people as you can

+ Be VERY consistent

❗️ Consistency is VITAL, it shows that you are trustworthy

And what exactly is "valuable content"?

2c. Give Value Upfront:

Content is considered valuable if it HELPS people.

In other words: Solve a problem.

Become an educator and respected expert.

👉 Show them how it's done, step-by-step, and share YOUR results.

Only then will your audience start to trust you...

3a. Your Angle:

Affiliating for a successful product AND delivering a ton of value upfront can already result in a decent earning.

But you can make even MORE money with affiliate marketing if you add your own angle to it.

What's an angle?

This is crucial...

3b. Your Angle:

You're not the only one affiliating for the product, especially not if it's successful

So you want to ensure that people buy through YOUR link

By adding your own angle to it, YOUR offer will become unique

The easiest way to add an angle is through BONUSES.

4a. Bonuses:

What if I told you to buy XYZ affiliate marketing course


As a bonus I will get on a 30min call with you to create a one-month content strategy

Can you see how the angle for this offer already changed?

It's not just the course anymore. It's MORE than that

4b. Bonuses:

The key is to have a bonus that's valuable to your audience and makes the course even better.

It has to fit together nicely. Be a little creative, too!

👉 Find your angle, add a bonus, and you'll make even more affiliate sales.

Okay, let's recap...

5. Winning Formula:

+ Affiliate for a best-selling product. It already has buzz and many great reviews.

+ Gain the trust of your audience before you ever try to sell. Show how to solve a problem step-by-step and share YOUR results.

+ Customize your offer with bonuses

Thank you for reading!