The worst question to hear when you get an email back?

The worst question to hear when you get an email back?

“Can I see your previous work?”

Ugh, how annoying. Wait, what if you don’t have any??

Create your own!

1. Creating your first projects!

Your previous work doesn’t mean someone hired you and paid you to do something for them.

Previous work can be something you did by yourself that reflects your ability to, in this case, write copy.

This applies to anything though.

2. How should you go about creating your first pieces?

Find a website that could use a little work, maybe from a company you’ve heard of before. 

Then, if you’re a copywriter, you’re simply just going to rewrite the page!

You could literally do this in Microsoft Word.

You want to try and keep the main design of the page (unless it’s really bad).

-  Copy and paste the picture on the page into a document

-  Rewrite all the portions that could use a little boost

-  Put some kind of special touch by changing up the CTA or closing point.

3. How many times should you do this?

Honestly, as many times as you can for practice. 

It doesn’t have to be sent to anyone ever, but practice makes perfect.

I would recommend having at least 2-3 to send over to a client if they ever ask to see past work.

4. How can you send it to them?

You can save them as word documents and simply attach them on the email you’re sending.

Make sure that you actually attached the files and didn’t just write the email 

(I couldn’t tell you how many times I forgot to put the files in the email).

5. Make some money!

If they like your work, they’ll hire you.

If they don’t like it, that means you should keep practicing.

If you get hung up over not signing one client you’re never going to make it doing this.

So many other opportunities out there waiting for you!

Keep practicing and you’ll start getting clients that you couldn’t even dream of having!

Practice make perfect :)

Good luck!