There are a lot of LIES and BAD ADVICE on Money Twitter.

 There are a lot of LIES and BAD ADVICE on Money Twitter. 

Stop digging yourself into a hole. 

This is your article of truth.

Not everyone will have the same access and advantages. 

⇢ That's a fact of life. 

But, the rule of building wealth applies EQUALLY to everyone, regardless of your background. 

Income + Investments - Lifestyle = WEALTH. 

How does this work?   👇

You can't live a rockstar life on a fast-food income. 

Stop complaining. Stop blaming others. That doesn't build wealth. 

What does?

☑️ Work your ass off
☑️ Invest in yourself (courses, certifications, etc)
☑️ Be the BEST DAMN PERSON your employer has


Ask for raises. If you're only getting 3% raises every year, you are murdering your income opportunity.  

Move around. Switch companies. 

I increased my salary by almost 250% by switching companies every few years. 

Don't be "loyal". 

Be proactive. 


Don't let Money Twitter convince you that you cannot build wealth with a 9 to 5 job.

That's bullshit, written by bullshit artists who are selling you an "idea". 

People build wealth at their 9 to 5 jobs *all the time*. 

Remove this LIE from your life. 



Nobody ever got rich by saving money. 

*Investments* build wealth. 

☑️ Your savings account is your emergency fund
☑️ Your investments are your RETIREMENT funds

Regardless of your income, invest. Stocks. Real estate. Whatever. 



Don't forget to control your lifestyle. 

The more you spend, the less wealth you build. PERIOD. 

☑️ Spend money on things you care about
☑️ Stop spending money on stupid shit that doesn't matter

Hint: You probably care about less than you think. 

Don't want to budget? 

Pay yourself first. 

Every paycheck, fully fund your retirement accounts. Aim for 25% of your check. If you can't get there yet, that's fine. 

Try. Start. 

Then, pay your bills. All of them, in full. Including your CC bill. 

Spend the rest. 

What about college?  

Money Twitter hates college. 

But, *college graduates earn more than non-grads*. 

Them's the facts. 

Exceptions apply, but don't count on being an exception. 

Degrees help a LOT of people, period. 

Don't let people talk you out of a smart career foundation. 


Humans LOVE coming up with excuses. They don't impress me. 

They impress no one. 

Excuses don't build wealth. Excuses destroy wealth, every time. 

Society doesn't care about your excuses. 

It cares about your value. 

If you don't believe that, you're going to fail.

Your neighbor is *probably* an idiot with money. 

Stop trying to keep up with people who are broke. 

Instead, observe the habits of SMART and RICH people. 

Most rich people are not evil. 

They are teachers. Let them teach.

People don't get what they deserve. 

Instead, they get what they work their ass off to achieve by putting themselves into a position to "get lucky". 

Rich people are proactive and determined.

Want to get rich? Then ACT LIKE IT.