This ONE skill will have desperate clients lining up at the door for you.


This ONE skill will have desperate clients lining up at the door for you.

Keep reading.

It's what got YOU to read this second tweet.


More specifically, direct response copywriting.

Turning words into direct action.

It's what really moves money around.

I can't teach all of copywriting in this thread.

So instead, here's some tips to get started.

First, let me explain why this skill alone is worth MILLIONS.

Captivating direct response copy for



vid. scripts




WILL get you more leads, purchases, clicks, sign ups, views, etc.

Who benefits?

Every business and brand.


Tip 1: Study excellent copywriting

How do you find "good" copywriting?

>> What ads did you click on recently

>> What videos did you watch

>> What articles stood out

Study the headlines. 

Study the first line in any body of text.

If it drove YOU to action, it's good.

Tip 2: Realize the emotion

Excellent copywriting plays off of your emotions.

Power words, trigger words, etc.




These will have you locked in to that sentence, forcing you to read the rest.

Understand this.

Take it in.

Tip 3: Practice every day

>> Go on Facebook or google

>> Find article headlines

>> Find ad headlines

>> Write them down

>> Now write your version next to it

Do this every day.

Here's the steps I take when I write copy:

1. Think of the end goal action

2. Write down my initial thoughts (even if it's wordy, long, and terrible)

3. Cut it down / make it concise

4. Add in appropriate adverbs and adjectives that add the emotional effect to it

5. Read it over out loud 10x

6. Repeat again and again

Direct response copywriting is needed in every industry and business.

It's used for ads, blogs, landing pages, funnels, and so much more.

If you want to learn more and be able to start writing compelling copy, it's going to take months.

Not weeks.