Tutorial Editing Photo Urban Photography Themes | FREE 100 PRESET LIGHTROOM 2021

FREE 100+ PRESET LIGHTROOM XMP | LIGHTROOM MOBILE / PC In this video, I will share a photo editing tutorial using Adobe Lightroom. and I'm going to share 100 Lightroom xmp presets. If you are a new viewer to this channel, please be aware of what follows. How do I find the password (?) • The password will appear in the upper right corner as a card (i). • Do not download, save or watch this video offline because the card feature on YouTube applies when the video is played online. • The password will appear anytime, please make sure you pay attention to it. • Password consists of 6 digit numbers, and will appear separately (separated into two parts). As an example: [1] Password: 12 ** [2] Password: * 34 * [3] Password: ** 56 If you have found all the pswords, all you have to do is combine the numbers in passwords [1] [2]] and [3]. In the example above, the password is 123456. Password leak info: Password [1] minutes: 01.00 - 03.00 Password [2] minutes: 07.00 - 09.30 Password [1] minutes: 10.00 - 03.00 (SUBSCRIBE YES) Preset link: https://dl.orangedox.com/1r8wtP * Photos are for illustration only where each photo has its owner Photo source: pinterest.com