Using Mind Mapping to Boost your Creativity

 💫💭🧠Using Mind Mapping to Boost your Creativity 💫💭🧠

Everyone get's stuck at times, but using Mind Mapping you can break free and escape: 

💭Writer's block


📋Planning fatigue

Let's check it out in this...

5 Essential Characteristics of Mind Mapping:

⭐️The main idea, subject or focus is in the centre

🌳Main themes radiate out from there like 'branches'

🌿Each branch holds a key image or key word written in a bubble or on the line

🍃'Twigs' are topics under each branch

Where did this idea come from? 

Some of the earliest examples were created by Porphyry of Tyros, in the 3rd century, as he graphically visualised the concept "Categories of Aristotle".

But the term "mind map" was recently popularised by Tony Buzan in a 1974 BBC TV series.

A 2005 user study found that 80% of students thought "mind mapping helped them understand concepts and ideas in science"

62.5% of students of art and design found that with this structure they were able to understand concepts better.

How to Make a Mind Map

✅Pick your general main theme 

✅Write it down in the centre of the page. (This can be your niche or a topic you want to discuss)

✅Write out sub-themes (branches) of your main concept 

✅Connect the branches to them from the centre with lines.

Details make the difference. Make sure you: 

✅Use short phrases, or single words

✅Add images to help retain information and spark creativity

✅Grow to at least 2⃣ main points for each branch

✅Grow it to however many sub-themes you want... 


Worth to note as you start creating... A mind map can have many first level associations, but the mind can only really grasp a max of 7!

So make sure you do not overly complicate your map!

Simple and straightforward might be better!

How will this help you? 

1⃣ You can use mind mapping to start structuring out what you will tweet about. 

➡️Put your user name in the centre
➡️Make your main niche and sub niches the branches out from that main centre. 
➡️Under each branch you will then add topics to discuss.

2⃣ You can map out threads in this way 

➡️Theme of thread in the middle
➡️Each branch is each tweet in the thread.

3⃣ You can create thread collections like this

➡️ Pick the main thread topic in the middle 
➡️ Branch out sub threads that all connect under the same topic
➡️ Start mapping out the content for each thread under each branch