Win the Morning. Win the Day! Strategies to maximize your mornings.


Win the Morning. Win the Day!

Strategies to maximize your mornings.

Wake up really early. 

Earlier than you think. Prioritize your mornings to maximize the free time that you can control.

Mornings are for you! 

Maximize them, plan them, act on them and take advantage of your mornings.

Drink Water.

Water is essential. Drink two cups each morning upon waking up to release its powers.

Water increases energy levels, boosts metabolism and fuels your brain.

Drink more water.


Get some form of exercise in every morning. Get your heart rate up, break up sweat and do something challenging.

Working out clears your mind and prepares your mind/body for the day ahead.

Make your health a priority each morning.

Gratitude thoughts.

Make time each morning to focus on your life and what you are grateful for. 

This could be meditation, journaling or simply listening to some encouraging music that inspires you.

Be grateful for each morning.

Ask yourself one hard question each morning.

Are you happy with your life, is this what you want to be doing with your life?

If you find yourself constantly answering no, then its time to focus on making some changes. 

Ask hard questions, give honest answers.

Tackle your hardest daily taks first.

Do not put off your hard tasks, prioritize them and get them out of the way.

Completing difficult tasks early in the morning is motivating and will see your day up for success.

"Eat the frog" -Brian Tracy

Connect with your partner. 

Use mornings to talk with your partner about life and goals. Share a laugh, share a story, smile!

Have "breakfast" dates and find the wonders of the power in morning emotional conenctions.

Become powerful partners each morning.

Plan and strategize.

Some people like to map out there days the night before, I like to do it each morning. 

Mornings are sacred times. Your mind is at its peak each morning. Visualize your goals, review your daily tasks and plan accordingly.

Create strategies each morning.

Clear your mind.

Spend at least 5-10 minutes each morning in silence. Focus on your  plans, focus on your goals.

Remember, 90% of illnesses are stress related. Forget all of your problems, calm your mind and be still.

Find peace every morning.

Create time for your kids.

Make a daily goal to help with the little things each morning. Brushing their teeth, breakfast, getting dressed.

Do not let these special times fly by without participating.

Prioritize your kids and make them know they are the center of your world.

Maximize your mornings and you will maxmize your days.

Maximize your days and you will maximize your life!

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