You’re in the money making business. 💰 Whether you like it or not. It buys you freedom and choice. AKA Happiness.

 You’re in the money making business. 💰

Whether you like it or not.

It buys you freedom and choice.

AKA Happiness.

This is how to have more of it.

Ps This is the exact system I used to escape the Rat Race.

The gold is at the end. 😉

1. Know your personal break even. 

It’s a business term that for the point at which your expenses equal your revenue. 

Pull your bank accounts and see what you are ACTUALLY spending. 

It will probably surprise you. 

Reduce your break even.

2. See what expenses you can cut

No, not by acting like a pauper and cutting out your coffee. 

See what you are wasting money on. 

By going through your bank statements in the cold light of day it will be obvious.

3. Allocate an amount each week for spending money and take it out in cash. 

Get it in the biggest bills you can. 

You’ll spend way less, trust me. 

It’s tough to break big notes. 

You’ll only spend money on what you really want.

4. Build an emergency fund. 

Get yourself 3-6 months of expenses covered. 

Be prepared for this to have zero return. 

This money is about being able to sleep at night, not the return.

5. Understand that your lack of money is more an income problem than it is a spending problem. 

Spending is often also an issue, but most people simply don’t make enough money. 

Curtail expenses, but build your revenue.

6. Get rid of credit card and loan debt ASAP. 

It’s like a ball and chain. 

Pay off your highest interest rate debt first. Pay it all off, then go to the next highest one. 

Work your way through the list until they are all paid off. 

It’s motivating.

7. If you’re in a job you don’t like or aren’t motivated about, look for a new one. 

Your chances for increasing income will be low otherwise.

Work your arse off, be great and create value.

Most people do the opposite.

Be amazing. Ask for pay rises often.

8. Learn a high value skill. 

Copywriting, SEO, email marketing, sales. 

There’s lots of them. 

Study them, pick one that you are naturally good at. This is the key.

Offer your services for free. Build testimonials.

Then charge people for your service.

9. Save as much cash as you can, as quickly as you can.

If you’re busy with the above you won’t have time to spend money.

Don’t be stupid and upgrade your car, apartment etc

Keeping your expenses fixed. Increase your revenues. You’ll save fast.

10. Build your equity ASAP

You’re now bringing in good money, but you need chunks of cash.

Don’t waste money on stocks yet, they’re great but you’re not rich enough.

Definitely don’t buy dividend stocks.

Wait until later.

11. Best way to get chunks of cash ASAP is in real estate or buying and selling businesses.

Businesses - use your new skills to buy poorly run businesses and turn them around. 

You can keep them, but I recommend sell at the start. 

Cashflow comes later.

Why? You’ll make a far better return from buying and selling businesses if you know what you’re doing. 

Like stocks, leave the cash flow until your equity is bigger. 

Your job will provide cash flow. 

Keep working your arse off.

Real estate. Amazing for getting chunks of cash. 

Study your local market, know it like the back of your hand.

Build relationships with agents. 

Buy properties only from people who want to get out. 

Do basic renovations and sell quickly. 

Stack cash.

12. Do this for 5-10 years and you’ll have a high paying job, equity and high value skills.

You’ll be set for life.

You can probably now quit your job, if you want to.

Focus on your businesses.

You can also now make money showing people what you’ve done.

So that was my crash course on making it financially. 

I used this exact system. 

I stopped working for someone else 16 years ago. Been living life with a smile on my face ever since.

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