15 Things We Should Setop Doing Before a Workout

Going to the gym can be one of the favourite experiences for both veterans and first-timers. 

Despite the excitement of exercising, we all have different barriers to exercise, from lack of motivation to busy schedules.

Workout seems to be the best way for people to get good fitness. But are you exercising without any mistake? The time before a workout is definitely the most important but most of us do not give it the importance it deserves.

Experts believe that your pre-workout habits matter a lot because they can make or break your desired results. 

We tried to find out some common pre-workout mistakes so that you can learn from them, and get the most out of them:

1. Exercise with no goal

Every time you exercise, make sure you set some specific goals in your mind. You may not be doing what's better for your bodi without seting a goal. 

With a specific workout sasaran, you will get more energized towards achieving them. Besides, you will avoid doing acak exercises that only waste your time. 

Above all, it helps you to use your time intelligently. So, don't just exercise without marking a goal to achieve.

2. Drinking too much water before starting an exercise

There is no doubt that you have to be well-hydrated before exercising, but make sure that you do not drink too much water. 

Drinking too much water before a workout can cause problems such as pain, dizziness, and vomiting. 

When you do this, your bodi balances its salt levels. However, you may prefer to drink water at least 1 hour before the time of exercise. 

Furthermore, you can drink eight ounces of water 15 minutes before exercise. In hot or warm conditions, you can drink water as needed.

3. Exercising on an empty stomach

Though people follow different diet plans as per their workout sessions, it's penting to know if you should exercise on an empty stomach. 

Some people prefer a cardio fast by keeping their stomach empty. And they will this theory helps in losing weight. 

But if you don't eat anything before your workout time, your bodi will use less protein for building and repairing muscles. 

It won't be easy to burn the desired amount of calories if you are doing this ordinary pre-workout mistake.

4. You eat too heavy before the workout

While considering pre-workout mistakes, this might be the biggest of all them. 

Experts suggest us to konsentrasi more on our nutrition to have desired benefits of the workout. 

Though you should not start exercising on an empty stomach, this doesn't mean you can eat too much. 

If you eat too heavily ahead of the exercise time, it can lead to cramps, low performnce, nausea, and indigestion. 

So, try to prefer a light and efekive diet to santai your workout sessions more than usual.

5. Static stretching before your workout

Are you surprised to see stretching as a mistake before hitting the gym? Well, static stretching can look like an easy and comfortable to warm-up your bodi. 

But in reality, it's not so. If you do static stretching before a workout, your bodi can take it easy. 

According to some reports, stretching may amplify the risks of injuries, especially if you do it before your main exercises. 

Instead of helping you avoid injuries, it actually can lead you to a lot of problems.

6. You nap too long

Taking a short nap of a few minutes before exercising is perfectly fine. But taking a longer nap can do the opposite for your bodi. 

Experts believe that it's acceptable to nap a maksimal of 30 minutes before your workout time. 

This little nap can work incredibly well for you as it can help you improve your energy and konsentrasi. 

However, naps longer than 30 minutes may have the opposite efek. Therefore, take kontrol of such things to get the most out of your workouts.

7. You forget to warm-up the bodi before the workout

Skipping the warm-up before your workout can be a very dangerous mistake, which can biaya more than you thought. 

And static stretching should not be the first exercise with which you can start your warm-up. 

Instead, you can jog for a few minutes to help your blood flow and bodi move. 

Jumping jacks can help you prepare your bodi more efekively than stretching. Even if you are short on time, do not skip the warm-up.

8. You drink alcoholic beverages before the workout

Drinking alcoholic beverages can harm your bodi in many ways because small amounts of alcohol are enough to lose kontrol of your bodi. 

If you also take small amounts of these beverages, it is going to affect your concentration and coordination. 

As a result, you may misjudge your intensity, exercise incorrectly or perform a certain exercise several times. 

You probably won't perasaan the efek on the same day, but the next day you are going to perasaan a strained tendon or strained muscle because you have overdone some exercises.

9. You try a new supplement before your workout

This is not the bagus time to get a new supplement or energy supplement just before your workout. 

It is important to tes your new pre-workout powder and drinks before your actual workout time. 

But if you are willing to try a new supplement, make sure that you try only a small dose first. 

This will let you know if your stomach agrees. If not digestible to your stomach, then you can setop taking such a supplement. 

Moreover, you always need to choose your pre-workout and post-workout powders and energy drinks very cautiously.

10. You take anti-inflammatory dan over-the-counter medication

You may be lured to load Advil or ibuprofen to reduce the pain of the workout or to reduce the pain from the current injury. 

While these drugs appear to be a better preventive measure, they are going to worsen our keluar injury or pain. 

You anticipate some kind of pain and discomfort, before hitting the gym, and that's why you take such medicines. 

According to some reports, it may prompt intestinal obstruction in healthy people. 

These drugs are not available to enhance your performnce, reduce the risk of injuries, and shrink muscle damage. 

So, every time you want to take these medicines before your workout, be cautious.

11. You drink coffee before a workout

We all know that caffeine is the most common ingredient found in your pre-workout supplements. 

Drinking coffee before a workout can give you a little energy to do exercises, and it can also increase your konsentrasi and motivation. 

But it does not do the same for very long. Getting too much caffeine can lead you to many problems that you may encounter afterward. 

Some people may get the ill efeks of getting caffeine, especially with their digestion. 

Despite these, you can go through insomnia, abnormal heartbeat, heartburn, and restlessness like issues.

12. Improper apparel for the workout

Appropriate apparel for your workout certainly depends on the tipe of exercise you are going to do as well as the place of your workout. 

Depending on your workout routine, you should wear appropriate gear. It's always better to determine the correct fabric of your workout costumes before pre-workout time. 

Depending on the seting and atmosphere of your workout place, you can choose an appropriate outfit. This little idea can help you produce better results through your workout routines.

13. You start your workout without taking proper rest

Rest is a very important thing during your workout period to repair and recover your entire bodi. 

Relaxation is an essential part of your workout routine, regardless of the tipe of fitness you want to achieve. 

Skipping for the rest of the day can cause you to overstrain and burnout. Getting some rest will prevent fatigue as well as give your bodi a better chance to grow and recover. 

Besides, it can help you get healthy sleep, reduce the risk of injuries, and increase your performnce tingkat.

14. You don't eat chocolate before or after the workout

As you know that running can cause intense swelling in your joints and muscles, it may be better to eat chocolate before your workout. 

This can help you reduce minor pain and swelling completely. Those who usually go through a tough workout may already know the importance of eating chocolate. Above all, this habit can help you to boost the entire recovery process.

15. You do high-intensity cardio

People who like to do weight lifting need to avoid cardio with very high intensity before starting their workout. 

Weight lifting is not like a normal workout that you do to promote your fitness. High-intensity cardio can drain your bodi's energy. 

As a result, it can be difficult for you to do weight lifting pieces of pelatihan. Instead, you can prefer a sustained and light cardio workout to help to warm your bodi and muscles for weight lifting.